CWHYC 2021 Cruises

Check back for updates and more info

April 17-18 PIB Roundhouse Whiskey Light

                  (hotel accommodations or day trip)

June 18 -20 - Kelley's Island

July 9-11 - Vermillion 

Aug 4-8 - ILYA (PIB)

Sep 10-12 - Kelley’s Island (wine Fest)


All cruises - please email or call Fleet Captain Kelly Maaraba at

If you plan to make a cruise, and your planned destination arrival and departure dates.  The Fleet Capt will advise cruisers of similar planned itineraries in order for captains to coordinate travel together.  Use VHF Ch 72 for group communications while underway.

The Fleet Capt will advise the marina/dock of the number of boats to expect.  Each member will make his/her own reservation (if available) and reference the CWHYC group.  Also reference the group when checking in on VHF so we can dock near each other.

On Poker Runs, the Fleet Captain will coordinate route waypoints, and an actual / virtual captains' meeting prior to departing home ports.

The Fleet Captain will use the CWHYC Facebook page, email, phone, and any ad hoc means available to advise members of changes to the schedule or individuals cruises.