Up Coming Events 2020

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Events   - Check back as we work on adding more Events 

Here are some tentative event dates & venues:

       June 6 - Summer Kick-Off party (SkyLine View Park) 4:00 PM EST

                  Click on the PDF to the right to see the Party Details

         Jyly 11 - Twin Oast Brewing meet & greet at Noon.

                       Let’s meet at noon, Twin Oast has a ton of outdoor space for social distancing.

                       This will be an informal gathering where we can have a few beers and catch up

                             Twin Oast Brewing 3630 NE Catawba Rd

       Aug 21 - GBM D-Dock Docktails and Pizza Party

       Oct 3 - Annual Meeting and Cookout - Mike & Jenny Billings Cottage


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